About Us

LMtec GmbH is a consulting firm with expertise in Lifecycle management of products and product based services.

Lifecycle management overview

Our employees advise clients of all industry sectors with the conception and implementation of lifecycle management systems. We identify potential and develop the right strategy for planning and implementation of company specific solutions for lifecycle management. Beyond that we offer our long-lasting experience with process consulting.

Our service offering

We continually adjust our strategy to new trends and developments as to content as well as organizational in order to improve our processes for existing projects. Our focus is on high quality and mapping of the complete process chain (end-to-end).

As a service provider of Siemens Industry Software we are specialized in solutions for the Teamcenter PLM platform. We currently have german offices in Pliening (Munich) and Potsdam (Berlin).


We support our clients with the optimal selection of established PLM solutions. As a service provider of Siemens industrial software GmbH we focus on PLM solutions based on the Teamcenter platform.


Projects in the area of lifecycle management must provide a strong conceptual basis in order to be successful. We support clients developing a company specific PLM strategy and deliver a PLM end-to-end solution for new implementations or PLM transformations. From the first concept to operations.


As experts for the Siemens Teamcenter platform we are the first ones to contact for implementing client or sector specific solutions. Our experience includes the development of specific requirements and use cases as well as data modeling, system configuration and implementing specific system extensions (customizing).

MRO process

Based on our clients’ service strategy we develop and implement solutions based on Teamcenter MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) und advice our clients in the topics of Installed Base Management, Service Engineering Management and Performance Base Services.

Requirements Management

In the sector of requirements managements we support our clients with the capture, definition and management of product and component specific requirements (RFLP) from the early stage to the physical product throughout all product variants.

Engineer to Order

The manufacture of individualized products according to client specifications is a common case in engineering. This is why we offer our clients predefined and customizable process models which help to depict the entire process. From bid management to order specific stock lists (As-Built-Management). This also includes the connection to applicable construction and product outsourcing processes.

Process model

We are characterized by the following principles

Focus on client benefit

We advise our clients with the development of a company-wide PLM strategy and make sure to accomplish this by offering a higher product quality and more efficient processes. We complement our client’s internal know-how selectively with our experienced consultants in order to achieve an efficient and fast implementation.

Efficient implementation

Fast success is achieved by the right prioritization when it comes to costs and benefits. By using the LMtec industry best practices the implementation costs of new system and partial solutions are reduced significantly.

Support the process of change

Lifecycle Management concerns everyone in the company and requires changes to be made in the sectors of organization, processes and working methods. The LMtec approach considers these challenges and shapes the process of change together with the client (organizational change). This ensures a fast system implementation along with the respective benefits. We support our clients with the transformation and align their company goals with the daily operative requirements to their employees.

High acceptance due to agile processes

The potential users are involved in the system and usage scenarios design from the very beginning. This is a key part of the iterative LMtec process. The detailed solutions are ensued by quick, short iteration loops.

With a sustainable and consistent process for implementing the lifecycle management software in mind we use a holistic and flexible approach for the efficient project procedure. Depending on the requirements by clients we adjust our focus during the different phases distinctly. Our goal is to generate a maximum of client benefit with the definition and implementation of a project.

Customer Value

PLM Architecture

The fundament of every project is depending on the project architecture which again is based on company goals of our clients and defines the goals and strategy of our cooperation. The initial project architecture ensures that the commercial requirements of our clients are in focus and are to be fulfilled. Processes, strategy and definition of goals are a result of functional, commercial, technical and organizational views. The derived approach for implementing the solution is optimal for our clients’ needs.

Customer Value

Solution Architecture

The process for the implementation of the solution is client specific and customized to the special requirements and parameters. This is based on an iterative phase model which can be extended through an iterative process. During all phases of the implementation we remain control of all aspects. Milestones help to not only focus on the technical aspect, but also the total change process for clients. This reduces the project risk for the client. Depending on the parameters an agile process can be sensible. This will be worked out with clients.

Customer Value

Organisational Architecture

The success of implementing lifecycle management processes and solutions significantly depends on the quality of the process of change. The definition and implementation of a technical solution has to take this into account. We jointly work out organizational and contextual solutions with our clients in order to optimally support the introduction of technical and procedural solutions. Among others: Key user concepts, trainings, extended test and prototype scenarios and an individually customizable documentation which is already structured during the planning and execution stages so that it describes the technical, methodical and procedural innovations.

Customer Value


Lifyecycle Management is the strategy to sustainable innovation and competitiveness of companies. We advise clients of all industry sectors with the conception and implementation of lifecycle management systems and support them with the development of a strategy, planning and implementation of company specific solutions. Beyond that we use our long-lasting experience with process consultancy and also assume project management tasks.

You already have experience in lifecycle management and are ideally already experienced with sector specific standard software solutions in the areas ERP, PLM or CAD/CAM. But also as professional newcomer with a university degree in engineering, information technology or a related field of study are more than welcome and will be prepared for the impending project challenges.

You are social, able to work in a team and bring lots of interest for IT technologies. Other than German you have a good command of the English language in speech and writing. You are also interested in business processes and organization and bring along knowledge in product development and manufacture as well as maintenance. We offer you a team oriented working environment and promote you personal as well as your professional development.

To enhance our team we are looking for new employees in the area of

• Process consultancy
• Project management
• Solution architecture and concept development
• Implementation and software development

Please send your applications via Email to lmtec@lmtec.eu or mail to

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